About 3 Google SEO Updates & Algorithm Changes in 2017

The digital world is now more exaggerated, dynamic and influential than ever. It is also more focused and competitive. With the ultimate goal for you to reach the top of the ranking of search engines and maintain them, you must take after more SEO. This is the initial move to stay abreast of the latest SEO trends and stay focused. You can get freelance seo india to help in solving this as freelance seo expert delhi are so great to handle SEO stuffs.Google has a long history of updates of famous search algorithms that take advantage of the SERP ranking mechanism.

To find the latest updates for Google SEO, marketers should check the latest updates to the following search algorithms:

3 updates and Google algorithm changes in 2017

1.) Google Panda update

Google Panda Update is known in February 2011 and is known as the powerful implied search filter to stop sites with low-quality content their way into the first Google search results. By the time this happens, the sites have already reached; you can get away if the correct improvements are released based on Panda updates. Through its various updates, Panda can also capture sites that have recently leaked some time.

Some important SEO changes like Google Panda Update is

  • There are several pages with the same keyword
  • Get rid of automatically generated content and type pages Roundup/comparison
  • There is only text for pages 1-2 paragraphs
  • Panda loves New Content
  • Beware of affiliate links and ads
  • Many outbound links with keywords are bad
2.) Google Pigeon Update

Propulsion July 24, 2014, for a result of US English, Google Pigeon Update “is another update of the search algorithm introduced to give more value, meaningful and accurate local search results that are more closely linked to search classification factors in the conventional web. The main goal behind the introduction of Google Pigeon update is to provide preferences for local search results in SERPs, and why it is very beneficial for companies to log. Get freelance seo expert delhi to do it for you, if you can’t. The Latest Updates of Google SEO Pigeon Updates

  • The location is more than ever
  • Not optimizing your site
  • Strong fields are more important
3.) Google Mobile friendly-Update

Adopted on April 21, 2015, Google introduced its friendly cell search algorithm which is intended to give a boost to mobile friendly websites in Google’s search results for mobile. The change is significant to the extent that the date came to be known by several names, such as Mobile addon, Mobilepocalyse, Mopocalypse or Mobocalypse.

The latest SEO updates are compatible with Google for mobile

  • Google testing tool for mobile devices now have access to the API
  • oogle can choose the office on the first page of mobile content AMP
  • Google begins indexing for mobile devices, using mobile content for all search rankings
  • Google displays the AMP URL before the results of the deep link cellular URL in the application
  • Google says that the speed of the page ranking factor uses the speed of the mobile page of mobile sites

It is the duty of research professionals to keep up to date on the latest SEO updates. Under cures and search algorithms above will help you in the best way possible.


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