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Hello, I am Dinesh, a freelance SEO India and digital marketing consultant . I have expertise in building SEO strategies that drive optimum results for my clients. I yearn for perfection in every task to meet the client’s expectations and set a new benchmark every time I close a project. With extensive industry experience and a customer-centric approach, I deliver customized solutions that improve the overall ROI of your business.

Experienced Freelance SEO India & Digital Marketing Consultant

With 6+ years of domain knowledge, I am an expert at formulating proven SEO strategies and deliver end-to-end SEO & Online Marketing Solutions for my clients. During my professional journey as SEO Consultant India,I worked for an array of agencies and companies wherein I was responsible to carry out Internet Marketing campaigns and devised online search marketing strategies. I also got various opportunities to polish my skills to perfection in the field of SEO, PPC, SMM, Blogging, Copy Writing, Local Search Marketing, Web Analytics and more.

I sincerely believe the idiom, Haste makes waste. However they do take some time, but I only follow White Hat SEO Practices that are 100% Ethical and Transparent. Regarding ethical SEO, some people live with the myth that Google considers SEO to be spam. Well, I would like to quote Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam fighting team, here. He has publicly stated that Google does not consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be spam. For more details, kindly go through Google’s first video on this topic at Does Google consider SEO to be spam?. For me, SEO is much more than keywords research,link building and on page & off page optimization and that is the reason, I work beyond that. Perhaps this is why I have always sailed successfully through every SEO update from search engines and critical algorithmic changes incorporated by Google. When Google changes happen in the search engine world, I am quick to respond, adapt, and change strategies so that your website does not lose visibility. I offer a wide range of services in a selection of no-contract plans that are quality and service-oriented while being budget-conscious. My aim is to deliver best-in-class SEO & Digital Marketing Services to all my clients that generate consistent results.

To enhance my knowledge base of the digital marketing platform, I have attained master SEO training Bruce Clay – 2017. Brue Clay is often credited with the birth of the term “search engine optimization.” His career path parallels the growth of SEO itself and sets the stage for his journey as an SEO pioneer. My core areas of expertise include SEO Strategies, Competitor Analysis, PPC Campaigns, Online Reputation Management, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Content Development, and many others. I am well versed in a varied range of freelance SEO services and ready to serve you as a freelance SEO expert with my expertise. My clients speak high about my work and I take pride in it!

My SEO Experience

More than 6 years back, the intriguing nature of the SEO world attracted me and since then, there has been no looking back. I have helped an array of companies with effective SEO strategies that are sure to yield proven results. With my expertise & proficiency, I have been able to optimize the online presence of my clients and get 100% customer satisfaction.
  • 2016 – Till now

    Digital Marketing Analyst

    The main objective customer perceptions and our activity impact. Understand the objectives of the organizations and its solutions and focus on the right strategies.
  • 2015-2016

    (PPC) Advertising Analyst

    Creating and planning a variety of PPC campaigns across a range of digital channels. Support the generation of new PPC campaigns, ad, ad groups and accounts and in the aid of creating new paid search advertising initiatives and many more.
  • 2012-2014

    Sr.SEO Analyst

    Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, reports and key reporting tools, and point out key areas of importance in accordance client goals. Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels
  • 2011-2012

    SEO Executive

    Help to execute on-site and off-site SEO strategies (including link building) for a range of clients in a host of industries.

Professional Skill

  • Search Engine Optimization 90%
  • Social Media Optimization 80%
  • Google PPC Advertising 75%
  • Digital Marketing Analyst 95%
  • Web Designing & Development 60%

Why Like Me

Business flourishes the most when nurtured with the right strategy & a professional approach. I am an expert SEO consultant in Delhi & the extensive knowledge base makes me a pro in my field. I take an extensive dig into my work and offer the most efficient, a trial & tested strategy to the client to grow his business and reap long term benefits.
I cater each project with a bespoke approach, which means that the client is served with need specific strategies that ensure ultimate client satisfaction. Each goal of the client is met with precision and the results are ensured to be profitable to the business and par excellence.
You do not have to wait for any solution for your business as I am happy to assist you 24*7. My services are assured to offer you timely assistance and there won’t be any delay in the response. You can contact me and without delay, you will be assisted with services beyond satisfaction.

Why Search Engine Optimization ?

Search engine optimization is a method that increases the ranking of a website in search page of search engine listings, and it is a subset of online marketing. The main purpose of SEO is to get a higher ranking on different search engines which creates the largest target audience.

Use Cost Efficient ways of Digital Marketing

SEO is most cost-effective to promote your business online. The cost of SEO campaigns depends on various factors including the type of business, website creation, performance of website and competitiveness. Freelance SEO India helps small business to increase their business in the online business sector.

Create Trust

SEO builds trust with the key reason of matching user search keywords. If the SEO Company has carried out proper research of keywords related to your business, that is an important factor. Matching exact keywords related to user search is a skill, and that provides high user experience and high user satisfaction.

Increase Traffic to your Website

There are many websites available online. SEO is a cost effective process to increase traffic to your website. If you want to increase traffic to your website, you should hire freelance SEO consultant India to use proper SEO techniques for your website. The most important thing is to increase traffic on your website, and that is possible with Offline SEO or backlinks generation.

Stay ahead of your Competitors

Freelance SEO expert Delhi , Noida , Gurgaon gives you the power to stay ahead of your competitors. If your website is properly optimised, it will bring more visitors to your site from which more leads will get generated. If your competitor’s website rank higher than your website, then customers automatically go to their website, and you lose some of your potential customers.

Achieve Long Term Results

SEO gives you long term result as compared to most other advertising techniques. To maintain the higher rank of your business website on the internet, you should do proper online SEO and should always keep it updated. On-page SEO may not frequently be required, but Off-page is frequently required.

Attract Targeted Customers

Online SEO is to attract customers through correct keywords, and Offline SEO is to bring customers to your website or Facebook Page. As the SEO experts match the client needs with content, you can find correct targeted customers through these efforts. Digital marketing consultant Delhi helps you to keep on updating SEO techniques to receive this free traffic in the long run.

Approach To SEO From Start To Finish

Keyword research means phrases of the keyword used in optimization. By researching your phrase of a keyword, you not only target with SEO but also learn about a customer as a whole. This step is critical and requires a considerable amount of time. Keyword research is the balanced combination of two factors – high keyword search by searchers and relatively low competition within search engines.

There are many keyword research tool available online that allows you to enter a particular keyword and words and will return all ways in which that word used by the searcher in last month. The most used keyword has high competition within a search result. In that case, you have to make a lot of optimisation efforts. The most effective approach is to find a set of phrases that gets heavily used by searchers but less competition in all search result.

SEO audit is an essential process for any website. The main intention of SEO audit is to give you an idea where your SEO effort got it so far. If you are serious about your online business, you should do it frequently. If SEO audit is proper, then it is the best way to improve your performance and also permits you to rank better in Search engine ranking page. There are many things which get improved with the audit.

First, you have to analyse your keywords and also you can improve technical aspect of your website. SEO audit is a complex procedure, but, by analysing multiple aspects of your business, you can find out where you can improve. The SEO auditor needs to perform technical analysis, on-page analysis, off-page analysis, competitive analysis and keyword research. If you take action on this list, you see improvements in your SEO performance.

If you want to improve your site ranking your site structure must be better. Every website has a different structure such as rigorous and streamlined structure, or it may be a disorganised jumbled set of pages. Site structure is most important to improve your SEO performance. When you take away the colors, the fonts, the graphics, the images the good site design is a great structure.

A good site structure gives you best site links. Sitelinks are the listing format in search engine ranking page with several internal links. Web crawler tool like Googlebot crawls a website structure. Their aim is to index the content to return to the search result page. If your site structure is the best, then it indexes the content quickly.

Steps to creating a site structure include: Plan out hierarchy before you develop your site, Build URL structure, Build site navigation in HTML and CSS, Create a header that lists your main navigation pages and Develops comprehensive internal linking structure.

Code plays an important role in search engine optimisation. Following are some factors that we have to consider in code optimisation:

Page style: You format your web pages by two methods such as HTML or HTML/CSS. But many websites use HTML standard. The quality content on your site and inbound link rank your website in search result page.By using HTML only code to lay out pages, you limit yourself with HTML layout. Here, you have to format each and every page of your website. Using CSS, you need to modify only one file to make changes on all pages.

Sniff test: Sniff test is the check of a website by potential clients who understand HTML/CSS. If a company is in web design, often it will get clients who understand the code. It is very important to offer clean validating pages.

Tables: Tables are not for ranking your page, but it will take the time to load for the user. So be sure to minimise their use.

Search engine work according to a content of a site that’s why content is known as king in search engine optimisation. If your site has the best content, then a user will have the reason to stay on your website as well as come back to your website. Secondly, you will receive the added benefit of serving up exactly what the search engine expects.

Search engine stores more information about your business and products and that information is directly related to the ranking of your website/ web pages for the related keyword. You need an organized content on your website. It is not only good for SEO, but it also helps visitors on your site to find the related content easily. To increase visibility to new content, you promote your website link on social media sites. We can often see that the competitor websites will be falling behind the sites with indexed content.

Link building is the process of getting external page links to your website. For link building, many there are many techniques in search engine optimisation. Webmaster improves the rank of sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages. You check your link popularity with a variety of free online tools. Google webmaster tool provides information regarding inbound tool.

Correct link building is important after the release of Google Penguin algorithm update. We have to relate the content with clients and build their online reach and provide them new high-quality inbound links. You can build your links by promoting your webpage link on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. By promoting your link on social media site, you increase traffic on your site. This process also ranks your site on search engine ranking page. There are various ways of creating backlinks and such links from reputed websites and forums are of value in your ranking.

Image optimization is one of the important building blocks in page optimization technique. A single image in your blog can properly transmit your message. The image optimization factors are title tag, image size, image name, and image linking.

Alt tag: Alt stand for an alternate. Search Engines does not read many images but using alt tag search engine know there is an image and also information about the topic of your image.

Image size and hosting: Image size is the important factor for image optimization. If put-up images takes more than 10 seconds to load a web page then users escape faster and go back, so it is important to keep your image size low in the byte. Image hosting is the crucial factor especially when traffic driving from Google image searches. Image hosting in same domain gives more value than image hosting in another domain like a free image hosting website.

Title tag and image linking: Proper image linking is very important. Avoid direct image linking use relevant anchor text whenever linking your images because it is better for your page optimization. Use relevant keyword and description in your title for proper SEO.

Links from one page to different page from the same domain. Internal linking allows a user to navigate a website. It also helps to increase ranking power around a website. Internal linking means voting yourself and search engine know about your vote.

Make a map of your web page: From main navigation make a list of each page and links are on each of those major pages. By using mapping, you know about some linking from your page.

A topic that you frequently write about: Every post on your website linking to the authoritative page because it is more optimized for conversations. Your efficient use of internal linking will offer more new leads.

Link your pages to ranking page: If your page related to a topic you frequently blog about then each your blog link to the ranking page.

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My Portfolio – Freelance SEO India

In my 6+ years of SEO experience, I have successfully delivered many projects that have not only satisfied my customers but have also led them increased ROI with each passing year. My portfolio showcases my experience with a varied range of businesses and bespoke SEO strategies that I deliver after analyzing the client’s needs.
SEO Ranking
Keyword Rank Search Engine
Laser Root Canal Sydney 2
Laser Root Canal Treatment 4
Laser Root Canal 4
Laser Root Canal Therapy 3
Root Canal Treatment Cost 5
Root Canal Treatment Sydney 3
SEO Ranking
Keyword Rank Search Engine
Flat Roofing Installation Aberdeen 1
Roofing Maintenance Service aberdeen 3
Gutter Cleaning Aberdeen 2
Emergency Roof Repairs Aberdeen 4
Flat Roof Repairs in Aberdeen 3
Aberdeen Guttering Repairs 4
Roof Repairs Aberdeen 6

I am always ready to welcome you!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. We work according to the updated rules of Google where you will be able to adopt Panda and Penguin updates. Our responsibility is to keep the customers happy with our work and that’s why we focus on high quality only. Absolutely, we spend a lot of time in researching about latest developments in the SEO world; hence our work is always abreast with latest updates of Google algorithms.
The time of results depends upon In view of the current website strength and the competition scenario. I do not promise magical overnight rankings, unlike others SEO companies. Based on our experience, in most cases, it takes a good 5-6 months to achieve rankings on competitive keywords and to start driving a significant volume of targeted traffic. If you are serious about SEO you should be prepared to continue for at least 6 months
According to our policy we first analyze the website and content closely so we can set the milestone for the result. You will get the result for sure at the given time because we make plans to deliver work on time to the client and to make them satisfied with our work. If you are not getting a result you can immediately suspend the SEO services you are using. We don’t do magic to make your website on top in few days. But still, all our clients enjoy the top rankings on Google.
This is our responsibility to provide you reference upon your request. If you want case studies then you can go to the link SEO case studies and see the further details here.
As per our policies and to work in a positive and comfortable environment we require following clauses from our clients:
  • We need both online and offline marketing plans of the company so we can run the website according to it. We expect you to keep us updated.
  • Respond to our emails so we can communicate smoothly over any issue.
  • Make changes in design or on-page advised by us. This will apply if you will not share FTP/server access us.
  • We want you to provide us content, press release, images and videos to publish on the website and to make it on top. Things will be distributed among the traffic.
The aim of us is to provide the best service in less time. At offshore rates, we have the ability to provide you services as per your expectation and we dedicate our inch of us to the work. We are absolutely knowledge focused team to make you a happy client.

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Content has always been an integral part of an effective SEO campaign. Be it to generate organic traffic to the website or to spread awareness about the business, content plays a vital role. Through my Blog, I aim to share my knowledge and expertise with my readers so as to create a strongly knit SEO community that works together to improve performance.Choose a SEO Consultant who knows what Google wants!

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After trying several search engine optimization companies and spending way too much for little to no results, I found Dinesh SEO. This guy is the real thing. he is ethical, professional and he get great results within my budget. You won’t be disappointed!

 by Mohit
Extremely Impressed With Results

I was extremely impressed with results of my website audit! I received a number of recommendations which I’m excited to implement and am sure will produce great results. I will be working with Dinesh SEO again soon and will recommend them to anyone that’s serious about gaining visibility online.

 by Incredible SEO Strategy

Dinesh SEO has been a incredible asset to our online marketing strategy. Over a few years of unsuccessfully managed SEO, Dinesh were able to come on-board and turn our website ranking around. Vast reporting processes and contact from our campaign manager and outreach team. We will continue to use the services of Dinesh for many years to come!