Top On-Page SEO Mistakes and the Fixing Ways for Beginners

Having a website is not enough to increase the traffic on the search engines. After building a website a webmaster needs to develop SEO best practices for the safe integrity of the web site.

SEO has much to do and not to do, especially when a person is at early stage of planning a new website. It will help you out to grip the best practices in order to meet the competition in the industry. In short, it is the best marketing approach to grow your business very fast.

If you planning for a new website this blog will help you throughout to avoid those SEO mistakes that can decrease your ranking in search engines. Mistakes are a part of life, but doing them again and again will down the repo, just like the website if you made too many mistakes than there is a good chance of your website to be disappearing from the Google SERPS. To avoid the website to be hit by the Google Panda it’s important to alert before making these mistakes while you are wondering for on-page SEO. So doing it in a right way would be helpful for a good ranking after Google recognizes your website.

A good On-Page SEO importance

On-Page SEO is very beneficial for the users that many SEOs have lacked this feature.

  • For your website on-page SEO is just like the foundation you lay for a website.
  • A best on-page SEO comes with a strategy from the user’s mind.
  • Every single page on the website needs to be designed and managed properly to the user’s mind.
  • And it must contain a valuable and unique content.
  • The keyword placement is tricky to rank on the page.
  • Making each page a user friendly will be beneficial for you to grip traffic.
  • As Google likes your website, the peoples will also like the website and you have a chance to grow up day by day.
Top On-Page SEO Mistakes

So if you are a planning for a new website, such as Freelance SEO India, Dehli. The top mistakes that may come across on routine basis one needs to consider to avoid them again and again to maintain your ranking in Google are listed below;

  1. Keyword Strategy

The keywords, putting strategy needs to be carefully planned because one could be hate to see the bad website copy. Filling the pages with words and repeating of words and phrases can manipulate the ranking of the site in Google.

Gaps in the keyword strategy show the marketing opportunities have found, but you are not taking the advantage so far.

Building a high competition through keyword strategy may lead to the opportunity to meet competitors and winning the ranking battle. Here are the 7 types of keywords to boost your SEO strategy by

  1. Traffic on Website

Grabbing huge round of traffic on a website is crucial for a competitive ranking. And it’s very important now from marketing prospective. The user’s experience on your website, their comments and opinions are of great importance to generate the site value and ranking. But one doesn’t need million viewers, if they visit your website they becomes your next customers that can grow your business.And even a single negative comment can ruin your reputation

  1. Links Connection

Linking has a great power when you are linking something to your domain name or your website is linking by some other person. The inconsistent URLs may distract the search engines to search the relevant keywords and down the ranking. The bad links can earn a bad reputation for you. Links are in two formats as the link quality varies to different addresses by two pages that make difficult for a chance to good ranking.

  1. Content Duplication Issue

Content duplication has a great role in putting down the repo of your website. As stealing the content from the other web sites and putting the stuff into yours would put down the ranking.Your content needs some uniqueness instead of copy paste work of others. It’s a huge blunder as it may create problems in the search engine to recommend the site to the users because of the same content.

  1. Target Keywords

Targeting the keywords according to your contact is very important because the same listed keywords may harder for the search engine to recommend and make confusions that will outrank you from the competition.

  1. Search Engine focus

Just focusing on the search engine is not enough deal. SEO is not just about the search engines. It gives a great user experience depends upon the ranking of your site. Alone search engine is not enough to get good ranking.

  1. Tricky Redirects
Redirects may harm the reputation if used frequently and may not be easily understood. The wrong selection may affect the SEO as its tricky for the web master too to move the content and a wrong message can destroy everything.
  1. Automatic Web Design

An automatic, responsive web design that resizes any device of the user when they are online. Especially the mobile phones that have a big contribution in the web market, if isn’t working properly will give a bad user response.

  1. Flash Content Usage

The excessive use of flash content by the search engines may cause difficulty to read the content because flash content is harder to rank in SEO.

  1. Thin Content

Using thin content is overall unhelpful as it down the quality and gives a poor user experience and it would be not recommended by Google and explains at Search Engine Watch

  1. Anchor Text Links

Anchor text links are the main source for a search engine to crawler easily. Using the links on the subject as an indicator from page to page may be a time wasted activity by clicking the links.

How to Fix On-Page SEO Mistakes?
  • For filling the gaps in the keyword strategy one can go for such services that can offended the strategy such as the SpyFu, MozBar’s and SEMrush on-page. You can also follow the services that your competitors choose.
  • One can make Audit of their website to add some unique keywords and encourage the conversations. The social media web sites can do a great job, launch a marketing campaign on the networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. for positive feedback.
  • By making a good choice of URL format and link the pages internally and externally. Sticking the site with the selected site may solve the problem by making a consistency. A style guide may also helpful in this prospective.
  • To avoid content duplication one can remove the offending pages and add something new to the different subject or can permanently delete those pages with that content and renew all stuff. Optimize the tags and Meta descriptions to improve ranking.
  • Providing different title tags and keywords relevant to your content on each page may increase the chances of good ranking so avoid mixing of keywords.
  • Users come first and search engines are secondly important for the success of your business. So it’s better to focus on the users to give them a good experience by giving easy accessthrough via mobile, laptops and tablets etc. and make user friendly pages.
  • Make sure that you are working with the right numbers when redirecting. You can use temporary redirects to some other pages, but utilize 301redirects by using HTML, Apache, JavaScript,Nginx, Ruby, .NET, Flask and Node.j’s, etc.
  • By eliminating the update device need may solve the resize devices problem for the long term.
  • Making the content equivalent to HTML format may be helpful asit’s easily accessible and readable.
  • Make the content little harder with the useful information and make it user friendly.
  • Avoid the irrelevant anchor links, including the keywords as links on pages to avail the SEO opportunity waste free.

So if you are planning for your web site as a Freelance SEO Delhi follow all these intrusions and avoid the mistakes for a better user experience. Contact Dinesh SEO Freelance for more relevant information.


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