Jumpstart Your Website’s SEO Now With These Free Tips

Designing a website is difficult, but marketing it is a trickier task to do. In order to bring your website to the top of the ranking, just designing it isn’t enough. You need to work hard to set your website up according to the search engine requirements. The content on your website must be perfect as it carries the maximum importance. So, we all have heard a million times that getting a website rank high in the search results of search engines is very important but what exactly is it? What do we mean by a search engine and how can a website make its way up to the top of the list of the search results?

Here is all that you need to know about Search Engine and Getting to the Top of the Search Results:

What is a Search Engine?

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Rambler etc. are all very famous search engines but what exactly they do? Well, Search engines act as a tool for the people to find information on the World Wide Web. Every search engine uses a unique algorithm to display the links when any search is made by the user. However it is to be noted that the top result appearing on Google would necessarily not appear as the top result at Yahoo!, or for that matter, on any other search engine. This is because, every search engine has its own algorithm. These algorithms keep on changing with the change in criteria. The text present on the web pages is used to check relevance. A search engine provides two types of results: organic and paid. The organic results, also referred to as the ‘natural results’, are the non-paid results. These results are the closest match and relevant to the search keywords entered by the user. Search engines provide the perfect way to market your website and your products. But to get ranked in top results, you must make your website perfect with the correct plugins and the right content.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization, also known with its acronym SEO, is a marketing tool which helps a website to appear in the organic results of the search engines. The technical aspects, when combined with the creative aspects, help improve the traffic, rankings and increase awareness in the search engines. SEO is merely a tool and a set of techniques ensuring that the site is designed in a way which is understandable by the search engines. In short, SEO helps in setting up a search engine friendly website.

Why do we need the SEO?

The most commercial search engines are Google, Yahoo! and Bing and undoubtedly, these are the major drivers of the web traffic too. Social media and any other means of marketing are required to divert traffic to the website but SEO is the most successful method to do so. It helps bring the right traffic naturally to your website, i.e. the users who are actually looking for the content and the services you provide. SEO is important for all types of websites, the ones that are set up on a large scale as well as the ones that are set up on a small scale. It is an integral part of the marketing of all these websites, with varied level of complexities. It is correct to say that without proper SEO, it is very difficult for a website to appear in the search engines. Thus, SEO can be rightly termed as the most important marketing tool. These techniques should be used in order to help the website grow and become popular amongst the relevant users. Therefore, SEO a crucial step to market your website all around the world.

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Jump start With Your Website’s SEO:

1.   The Right Plugin:

The very first step to establish an SEO is the selection of the most appropriate plugin for your website. You can select the best plugin for your website from a list of almost 50,000 available plugins. If you’re worried that you are not a technical person and are not good with SEO coding or stuff like this, then you need not worry. Plugins carry whatever the technical weight is required to be lifted.

Here is a list of the five most useful plugins:

A.  SEO Squirrly:

Experts say that this plugin is a complete content marketing suite. With SEO squirrely all your SEO worries will vanish. It is one of the most comprehensive SEO plugins. It is a very helpful tool for people who have little or no knowledge about SEO. This does not need you to be a coding expert. You just have to follow the instructions provided by the plugin and you will be good to go in no time.

B.   Yoast SEO:

Statistics say that around 3 million websites rely on this plugin. That is surely a big number. The number clearly shows that this is one of the most suitable plugins for establishing SEO. Yoast is the perfect help you need to improve your SEO. A father teaches his son to walk by holding his hand, Yoast is just that. It will help you plan your whole SEO journey. Yoast is a plugin that helps one edit the Meta description, title tag and even the focus keyword of your content. It clearly mentions which part of the website is good to go in green, which part needs some improvement in orange and the past that needs some serious editing and improvement in red.

C.   Jetpack:

Jetpack is a pack full of numerous SEO tools. The most amazing features of Jetpack are: showing the users of the website relevant content, content sharing on different social media websites, view site statistics and providing protection from cyber attackers. It provides its services to both free and premium users. But it’s free features are more than enough for a beginner.

D.  WPtouch

This plugin is famous for the features it provides the users to make their websites mobile friendly. This plugin automatically adds a mobile theme for the people who visit the websites through their cell phones. It is also one of the plugins recommended by the king of search engines, Google, itself. It makes your website outshine other websites when viewed from the phones using the WP touch plugin.

E.   SEO Ultimate:

The plugin SEO Ultimate is very much similar to the Yoast plugin but it has many more amazing features and services for its users. The unique features it offers are; 404 monitoring, boasting extensive tools for linking, author highlighting and much more. It is in the list of plugins that are fully-featured and free. You can choose the best out of these 5 highly recommended plugins to start off with SEO. There is also a long list of plugins apart from these from which one can choose but these five are the ones that offer everything a beginner needs to establish the SEO. They really are like the perfect helping hand a website needs to reach the top of the search engine results.

2.   The Perfect Content:  Most Important Part of the SEO Process

The second step towards an SEO is to strategically arrange your content in a way that is search engine-friendly. You must create the cornerstone content for your website. Before further discussion, you must first understand what cornerstone content is. Cornerstone content is the highlighted content of the website. the content which reflects the idea of what the specific website is about. It serves as the foundation of a website. Creating the right cornerstone content will help you secure a place for your website in the top results of a search engine.

Steps towards creating the perfect cornerstone content are as follows:

A.  The Type of Content:

The first step for the cornerstone content it to create the content of the website. The perfect content cannot be designed in few minutes; this section has to be given a lot of thought, ideas and most importantly, an appropriate amount of time. The content lays your website’s first impression on the user and thus, has to be nothing but perfect. You must have heard, “first impression is the last impression”, and in the online world, it is the content that carries this fact truly. One tip for this is to come up with specific content because the more specific your content is, the better your website will perform. More than 50% of the SEO process depends upon the content on the website. It needs to be designed in such a manner so as to make the visitors immediately think of the ways your website can affect their lives. It is the most important step in the whole process because quality matters in every case. The content must be relevant and to the point and should summarize everything your website offers.

B.   Delivering the Content:

The next step is to think of ways you can deliver the content that has been designed. Tip for this section is to be deep and comprehensive. It should be delivered in a way that completely introduces your websites to the visitors. A video can also be used to deliver the cornerstone content for your website. You can decide whether to deliver it in written form or a video, select the one that you believe is the most engaging and will keep your visitors involved until the end.

C.   Optimization of the Content:

Once you are done with both the above steps, you can now move towards the optimization of the content. You can use any of the recommended plugins to do that. You must have a focus keyword for your website along with the LSI and long-tail keywords. Make sure that these keywords are not awkward-sounding and are frequently searched by the users.

3.   Backlinks:

After you are done with the awesome content, it is time to get prestigious backlinks. The next step after designing the content is to link your websites with that of others. If you have a small website, even than you need not worry because quality matters, not the size. You can link your website with authority sites as your backlinks. The best technique to get backlinks is to use the skyscraper technique. This technique is carried out by picking up the part of the cornerstone content of the competitor website and make improvements to it by adding more stuff to it and making it a bit more comprehensive. This will automatically make your cornerstone content way better than your competitor’s website. You can even use this technique and write a better and more influential cornerstone content. Come up with a cracker pitch to send into the websites you want to be your backlinks.

4.   The Local SEO:

Now that the cornerstone has been designed and has been dealt with, it is time to move on to the other content apart from the cornerstone content of your website. The optimization of the local SEO is one of the most important parts of the SEO process. One can use local SEO regardless of their size or status. When people search a business in ‘Google My Business’ a side bar is visible there. Therefore, this information appearing at the side bar panel must be accurate and authentic. Navigate to the Google My Business (GMB) page and click on the start now option. Fill out the required fields and make sure that the information you are providing is 100% authentic. Try to be as much specific as you can. Choose a specific category because they provide a better chance of getting an upper ranking. Thus, these are the most important steps to complete an SEO process. Plugins like the ones mentioned above provide all that is required to make the perfect SEO. But like we mentioned, even the best of the plugins can’t do the SEO alone. They must be accompanied with another, and perhaps the most important aspect, the perfect content. Content is the major contributor in making your website appear in the top search results of the search engines. The content has to be the best part of your website. The photos and the videos do not carry much weightage as the search engines cannot read them, the search engines take a look at all the content present and decide whether it is relevant or not. Your content combined with the plugins, perfect keywords, meta descriptions establish your rank in the search results. So, what are you waiting for? Jumpstart your website’s SEO with these free tips and lay your website to the path of popularity and high ranking! No wonder, Company SEO India has created a niche for itself among top companies for SEO Services India. If you are looking for freelance Seo India, we are there to help you.Contact us to start a successful journey of your business with our professional team of experts.

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